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Tom Maloney

President, CEO

 Mr. Maloney has been President since starting Iso-Tex Diagnostics, Inc. as its first employee in 1975. Prior to joining Iso-Tex Diagnostics, Inc., Mr. Maloney was Mechanical Engineer Supervisor and a Senior Reactor Operator for Union Carbide at its Nuclear Reactor in Tuxedo Park, NY.  Upon leaving Union Carbide, Mr. Maloney took the position as VP/President of Pharmaceutical Operation at NRL's Nuclear Reactor in Princeton, N.J., where he was responsible for the manufacturing of its radiopharmaceuticals. 


Upon leaving NRL, Mr. Maloney took a position as President of Bio Nuclear in Houston, Texas which was acquired by Hoffman-La Roche - Medi-Phsics  Mr. Maloney then became President and Owner of Iso-Tex, Inc.  and is currently President of Iso-Tex Diagnostics, Inc.

Angela Forsyth

Laboratory Director

Angela Forsyth is the Laboratory Director at Iso-Tex Diagnostics, Inc and overseas Research and Development and Operations.  Mrs. Forsyth graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Biochemistry.  Her early work was in pharmaceutical research, followed by analyzing animal tissue for presence of DNA chemical addition products, histological staining, establishing tissue cultures and protein purification.  After a brief period of teaching, she was hired by Isotex Diagnostics, Inc as a clinical specialist.  She was a manager prior to her newest role as Lab Director.

Jesse Hernandez

Radiation Safety Officer / Health Physics

Mr. Hernandez is the Radiation Safety Officer / Health Physicist at Iso-Tex Diagnostics, Inc. since joining the company in 1986. Mr. Hernandez oversees Production and Quality Assurance.  Mr. Hernandez arrived at Iso-Tex Diagnostics, Inc. immediately after attending Texas State Technical College where he studied Nuclear Technology (Health Physics) Mr. Hernandez then proceeded to enlist in the United States Navy where he was an Operations Specialist and Air Tactical Controller.  Mr. Hernandez is the developer of several different radiolabeling methods and purification techniques that have been patented and several that are patent pending. 

Sandra Savoie

Erika Pajuelo

Huong Truong

Jorge Sanchez

Donna Bailey

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